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Private Equity's Impact on Dentistry

Updated: May 7

Private equity firms have become significantly involved in the world of dentistry, introducing heightened competition and offering new avenues for expansion. For many providers, private equity investments present opportunities to support their practices without incurring substantial debt burdens. According to Brett Gilbert, DDS, leveraging the private equity model allows dentists to unlock the true value of their practice at any career stage. This approach enables younger doctors to access mentorship and partnership opportunities without accumulating additional debt.

Some dentists perceive private equity firms as intensifying competition among Dental Service Organizations (DSOs) and other management models. Various firms have launched have established partnership models preparing owners for practice sales to private equity entities and DSO's.

Here are the recent developments on Private Equity and the Dental Industry:

  1. ProSmile, based in Toms River, N.J., sold its SmartArches brand to TriSpan, a private equity firm.

  2. Thurston Group launched Modis Dental Partners, emphasizing dental implants.

  3. InTandem Capital Partners established beBright, a doctor-owned pediatric dentistry and orthodontic services organization.

  4. Advanced Dental Brands, headquartered in Canton, Mass., received a growth investment from H.I.G. Capital.

  5. Hudson Dental Partners, backed by Hudson Yards Capital, acquired its inaugural practice.

  6. SGA Dental Partners, supported by Thurston Group, expanded to its 100th location in Richmond Hill, Ga.

  7. Oak Dental Partners secured a $153 million senior secured credit facility from Comvest Credit Partners.

  8. Bluetree Dental received a $32 million investment from Clairvest Group.

  9. Dentive received investment from HGGC.

  10. Dental Care Alliance was acquired by Mubadala Investment Co. and Harvest Partners.

  11. Mosaic Dental Collective partnered with Audax Private Equity.

  12. OMFS Partners received investment from HealthEdge Investment Partners.

  13. Parkview Dental Partners gained investment from Cathay Capital.

  14. Pearl Street Dental Partners acquired Brush Dentistry and Derby Dental in Texas, backed by private equity.



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